Innovative Mobility Solutions for Various Industry Verticals

Despite the stagnant economy, there is no denying that mobile phone use is continuing to rise, and there is a huge demand for even more smart devises using more collaborative and data intensive applications. With the introduction of smartphones and revolutionary mobile platform technologies, the mobile advertising market is become one of the innovative channel for revenue expansion which allows marketers for the very first time to achieve their actual objective. Operators, brands, advertisers, mobile application providers, ad network and media agencies are still figuring out new ways to take the advantage of the huge mobile community.

No matter what your business is, Tek-Data Mobility Solutions can transform your business to achieve the competitive edge with solutions and services including VoIP Apps, Interactive Apps, Location based Apps, Mobile Work force Apps, Monetization-User generated content (UGC) & Searching, Mobile Gaming, Music & Entertainment, Test Solutions, Widgets, Mobile website development and Video, IPTV, Mobile TV.

Industry Specific Services from Tek-Data

Entertainment and Games on Mobile will be a major driving force as we are almost all the time wedded to our mobile device. When taking a long journey on a plane or a train with nothing to do, mobile entertainment and mobile games can take away your boredom. Tek-Data is capable of providing development support for interactive gaming and casino access as well as for games connected to the game channels: Casinos, Competitions, Applications and many more.

Tek-Data, with over more than a decade of experience is serving clients of various sizes in many industries including Fortune 500 companies. We offer mobility services for a wide range of business verticals including Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Casino Resorts, Games & Entertainment, Manufacturing, Retail, Market Research and many more. Following are the highlights of Tek-Data's industry specific Mobility Solutions.

Industry Focus: Casino Resorts

  • Gambling Apps that respect geographical limits
  • User can buy credits with Credit Card, PayPal etc.
  • Both Online & Offline experience
  • Integrate Player Club promotions
  • Booking Casino getaways
  • Remote check-in & reminders via SMS
  • Display relevant ads & Hotel Specials
  • Book Resort Getaways & Event tickets
  • "Where am I" maps
  • Let public know about everything you have to offer

Industry Focus: Games & Entertainment

  • First Person, Strategy, Trivia, Gambling, Entertainment Games
  • Use Accelerometer & Hand Gestures (swipe, touch, motion etc.)
  • Play globally against other players on the network
  • Both Online & Offline experience
  • Buy "in game" credits using Credit Card, PayPal etc.
  • Location based features: Geographical boundaries disable game
  • Subtle Branding inside games
  • Integrate with social networks, scoreboards
  • Tek-Data can help design graphics, animation, storyboard, audio etc.
  • Port games from one platform to another

Industry Focus: Healthcare

  • Find nearest "in network" medical facility/pharmacy based on current GPS location
  • Electronic Records: maintain journals to track BP, Blood Sugar, and Prescriptions etc.
  • Apps can be integrated with your backend for user account management/formulary
  • Review doctors, make appointments, remind, offer preventive advice, print coupons

Innovative services by highly experienced team. Our highly experienced senior management team drawing mobile experience from AT&T/Lucent, LogicaCMG, Airtel, Sony BMG, IBM will give you the innovative service consultation and help for your product and services. Our clients include content providers, media giants, carriers & many small businesses.

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