Order Capture

Our expertise with order capture systems can help streamline your sales process by integrating customer, price, and product information into a single process.

Following are some of the benefits of implementing our order capture systems into your organization:

  • Increased customer satisfaction through seamless and adaptable IT solutions
  • Optimized order-to-cash process for partners and other sales channels
  • Fast, secure transactions through a multi-channel fulfillment stream that operates across multiple systems
  • Order information is passed efficiently to back-end order management systems
  • Generate automatic alerts to sales representatives for possible value-added sales, up-sales, or cross-sales using integrated analytics
  • Larger array of fulfillment modes from a unified platform, including batch outputs, services, bulk orders, engagements, agreements, and subscriptions
  • Organize complex pricing, including discounts, coupons, price list maintenance, and fees into easy-to-use interfaces and easy-to-manage systems
  • Easier management of inventory and fulfillment capabilities
  • Fully integrated financial systems, including billing and accounting, fully integrated across multiple payment types allowing automated invoice generation and revenue recognition.

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