Social Networks – Moderation Services

Social Networks – Moderation allows administrators and moderators to check and control unwanted exposure of various illegal multimedia contents (pictures/text/video) which engage with a brand from causing potential risk to the clients business. This is important among interactive environments which allow user generated contents (profiles, photos, videos, groups, events, blogs, forums and topics) to post online. The risk from the offensive content includes violation of Copyright, vulgar or inappropriate content, abusive comments, Child safety issues including child abuse, personally identifiable information, cyber bullying, Defamatory or libelous material.

Tek-Data provides Social Networks – Moderation service which is highly cost effective and customized service that allows systematic review of all content by eliminating the potential risk. Keeping the importance of meeting the business policies and brand guidelines in mind, our experts provide innovative moderation services in a pre-, post- or reactively moderate manner based on human intervention and intelligence, which will help you to eliminate and manage unwanted malicious content from public exposure.

Tek-Data's expert moderators can help you with the following type of Social Networks – Moderations based on your requirement.

  • Deleting or editing of contents to improve quality of the material
  • Deleting of unwanted and illegal contents
  • Forwarding direct criticism of the brand to the respective customer care department
  • Escalating illegal content issues to the client and the respective authorities
  • Managing the rating of media files in case of wrong rating to adult or the opposite
  • Guiding and encouraging participation (community hosting)
  • Disapprove or banning existing members
  • Issuing of warning notice to community members on violation of the rules
  • Restoring of content, which has been accidently deleted
  • Our service allows review from a group of agents simultaneously

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